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College/University FAQ's

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Will VSI recreation managment software integrate with campus Registrar software, such as Blackboard and/or Banner?

  • Yes. RecTrac has a program that imports student information from your your Registrar or ID Card database into RecTrac. Imports are done via batch process and can be scheduled to run at periodic intervals thus automating the import/update process. 


Do we have to purchase the entire recreation management software system or can we purchase only the parts/features we need, such as sports league registrations and locker room management software? 

  • VSI licenses its' fully integrated software by module, so you can license only the functions that meet your needs today with the option to license other modules at any time.  Most university/college customers have installed the Activity Registration, Pass Management Photo, Equipment Rental, Locker, League Scheduling, and POS Inventory/Ticket modules.


Does RecTrac provide an equipment rental capability to track equipment as it is checked out/in? 

  • Yes. The RecTrac Equipment Rental module provides two options to manage equipment inventory: 1) advanced equipment reservations with complete reservation calendars, reservation waiting lists, and optional fees, and 2) a quick equipment check-out option with no fee.  You can swipe student ID cards using magstripe and/or bar code readers or touch screens to quickly check out and return equipment for student use.


Does the system manage intramural/league play?  Does it have a Tournament capability?  Can it track sportsmanship points in addition to wins and loses? 

  • Yes. The League Scheduling module was designed for this purpose. It is sports league management software and tracks teams and team members, games and game times. It allows you to reserve facility space and tracks scores and standings.  The system provides automated scheduling solutions for regular season play as well as single and double elimination tournaments.  Sportsmanship points can be recorded and can be included in league standings and results.


Can we use the system to create and sell non-affiliated memberships, such as community members, alumni, etc... ?

  • Yes. Non-affiliated memberships can be created and sold in RecTrac. Non-affiliated patrons can be assigned different pass types in the database to provide better control and analysis capabilities.


Regarding non-affiliated members, can we issue ID cards or key fobs to non-affiliated members independently from the student  ID Card issued by the university? 

  • Yes. The RecTrac Template Design Studio allows you to create custom digital photo ID Cards for non-affiliated members. Optionally, you can use pre-printed Key FOB’s for the same purpose. VSI also offers biometric identification options (i.e. finger print and/or vein readers).


Will the system integrate with our Turnstile for entry control?

  • Yes. Access Control software is available as a RecTrac add-on and provides integration with turnstiles, doors, and gates to control access to your facilties.  Multiple entry control points can be managed from a single Access Control workstation and will utilize your existing ID cards with either or both magnetic stripes or bar codes.


Is there a real-time way to validate student ID cards at remote locations that don't have network connectivity?

  • Yes.  Mobile RecTrac provides remote ID card or keyfob validation capability in real-time using smart phones with bar code and/or magstripe readers.  VSI will provide a list of Mobile RecTrac functions available now and planned for future releases.


Does RecTrac provide a summer camp registration software capability?  

  • Yes. The RecTrac Activity Registration software can be used by your staff to register your summer camp patrons in your programs.  


Does VSI offer an online summer camp registration capability?  

  • Yes. The WebTrac Activity Registration software enables internet access to your RecTrac database to be used by your students and other patrons to register online through your website with NO transaction fees.


 Does RecTrac have a method for debiting student campus accounts (campus wide on account payment method)?

  • Yes. RecTrac provides the capability to track student account payments, as well as faculty/staff payroll deductions. RecTrac will also create an export file containing the payment data that you can import into your campus accounting system.

Release Levels

  • Active Releases
  • RecTrac3.1.06.1405/09/2017
  • RecTrac10.3y0312/09/2016
  • MainTrac10.2i10/05/2016
  • FinTrac10.3d12/06/2013
  • Mature Releases
  • RecTrac10.2t12/13/2011
  • MainTrac10.1d06/19/2009
  • FinTrac10.2j12/12/2012
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