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GolfTrac Product FAQS

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Can GolfTrac combine the sale of greens fees, golf cart, and inventory items at the same time and then print them on the same receipt? Golf Course Management Software & Golf Course Membership Software

  • Yes. The GolfTrac touch buttons can be organized and arranged by type of product to make it easy to process a sale with automatic pricing for multiple items. A miscellaneous item that might require an amount entry can also be setup.


Can the GolfTrac software handle weekday, weekend and holiday rates?

  • When you load a greens fee in GolfTrac, you can restrict its use to certain days of the week and certain times of the day. This restriction logic allows you to create a weekday, weekend, holiday and twilight fee schedule that can't be manipulated. You can also link member and daily play rates to a transaction code so that the system can apply the appropriate fee automatically based on the golfer. Default greens fee codes are linked to each golfer type to make customer check-in a quick one step process under most conditions.


Does GolfTrac handle handicaps? Golf Course Management Software & Golf Course Membership Software

  • Yes. GolfTrac has a built-in local handicap module and the formulas used to calculate a golfer's handicap are identical to those used by the USGA. However, the USGA does not endorse the VSI system because of perceived marketing conflicts with their own GHIN system.

Golf Course Management Software & Golf Course Membership Software 

Does GolfTrac provide golf tournament management software?

  • Yes. GolfTrac contains several tournament options that allow you to load team match, team stroke, individual match and individual stroke. Revenue, expenses and prizes can be linked to the tournament to provide a true bottom line view. Tournament is integrated into the tee time system to block out required slots to cover the tourney play. Initial pairings can be made automatically using handicaps while subsequent rounds are paired based on tournament standings. Scorecards are printed to match the pairings for each round.


Will GolfTrac POS software allow me to split sales between the owner and the pro?

  • Yes. Transaction codes in GolfTrac have an owner/other split option. For courses where the pro controls the pro shop and the course owner controls the greens fees and carts, for instance, GolfTrac can be setup to report all sales on this basis without the clerk having to understand what goes where. This owner/other split can vary from transaction type to transaction type. For instance, there might be 100/0% owner/other on greens fees; 90/10% owner/other on carts and 0/100% owner/other on pro shop sales.


Do you have a more fully featured tournament system?

  • Yes. If your needs exceed the standard GolfTrac capabilities, you can license the VSI interface to the Tournament Manager software that you order from Vision Perfect. VP provides for group outings, unlimited formats, multiple events, and many standard reports.  VP also provides the training.


Does GolfTrac include a tee-time reservation capability that can be managed by our staff, while also processing pro shop sales?

  • Yes.  GolfTrac can process tee times using any of three (3) different methods (GolfTrac GUI, TeleTrac/Touch-Tone and WebTrac onlne tee time processing), all of which update the tee-times real-time. Clerks can select a tee time manually and link it to both members and daily plays, customers can reserve tee times using the TeleTrac touch tone phone system, or customers can book tee times on the internet using the WebTrac online system. In all cases, reservations are made in a real-time mode thus eliminating any duplicate reservations. Tee time data is available in the POS software, so that when the golfer checks-in, the data is printed on the receipt for starter and ranger verification. Tee times are also available to the starter using a PC or smart phone.

Release Levels

  • Active Releases
  • RecTrac10.3y0312/09/2016
  • RecTrac3.1.06.1505/23/2017
  • MainTrac10.2i10/05/2016
  • FinTrac10.3d12/06/2013
  • Mature Releases
  • RecTrac10.2t12/13/2011
  • MainTrac10.1d06/19/2009
  • FinTrac10.2j12/12/2012
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