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FinTrac - Employee Management Systems

Financial Tracking Software and Employee Time Management Software & Accounts Payable Processing Software

  • Automated employee time management system software and employee scheduling software system
  • Option to use bar coded employee ID card to capture labor hours by time of day and day of week with automatic distribution of hours by pay code and either automatic default or selected job codes.
  • Option to keyboard-enter time clock data (similar to bar code) with time-in and time-out by pay code and job code description.
  • Each job code linked to a payroll record can be designated as hourly, salaried, percent, per unit or flat, and variable designations can apply to each employee.
  • Print time-card audit report by date range, department range, and employee range; edit time card data to correct any errors discovered in the audit function
  • Provides labor distribution and gross pay report by employee for automatic entry to FinTrac payroll, or to another payroll system, or to reconcile labor reports
  • Schedule employees with a single mouse click
  • Click and drag to schedule employees for consecutive days
  • SuperGrid allows user to view a rolling 14 day (pay period) employee schedules
  • Create work schedules for employees linked as RecTrac instructors
  • Scheduling by Employee Name or by Shifts
  • User can view hourly, daily, or monthly employee schedule
  • Clone schedules (Super Time Saver!)
  • Define color code schemes for scheduled employees, late punch-ins, sick days, vacation days, etc


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Simplified financial management software consisting of six completely integrated modules.

Release Levels

  • Active Releases
  • RecTrac3.1.06.1303/22/2017
  • RecTrac10.3y0312/09/2016
  • MainTrac10.2i10/05/2016
  • FinTrac10.3d12/06/2013
  • Mature Releases
  • RecTrac10.2t12/13/2011
  • MainTrac10.1d06/19/2009
  • FinTrac10.2j12/12/2012
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