U.S. Air Force RecTrac and CYMS Users ONLY: Vermont Systems email servers and U.S. Air Force email servers currently are unable to communicate. VSI can receive email from the USAF, but the USAF is not receiving email from VSI. If submitting a Support Ticket to VSI using email, please include a call back number, OR to submit a Support Ticket, please click Submit a Support Ticket or call our Support Line, (877) 883-8757. Thank you for your patience. We hope to have this situation resolved shortly.


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Upcoming Change in VSI Support Procedures

News Date: 06/22/2015


Beginning on July 1, 2015 VSI will be changing the contact options for Support.

  • The primary method for general questions will be to create a ticket through your customer portal on the Vermont Systems website.
  • Our toll free number, (877) 883-8757, will continue to be available Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 8:00pm eastern time with after-hours support as a bill-able service.
  • The support@vermontsystems.com email address will be deactivated and will no longer be an option for application or hardware support.

Using the web site and support ticket creation will help ensure your request is received and routed to the proper Customer Support representatives in an orderly, track-able fashion.

Please refer to our Website Customer How-To guide for step-by-step instructions and further information.

Modified: 06/22/2015

Created: 06/22/2015

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