There is no substitute for in-person, face-to-face learning, but our Virtual Preview Week is the Next Best Thing.

We had big plans and sincerely hoped that we would be together in Vermont this October. Unfortunately, we made the very, very difficult decision to cancel the in-person 2021 event. To make sure you get information you need to be successful, we've pulled together a series of sessions that you won't find anywhere else - and made them free to attend for your team members. 


Pick and Choose Your Agenda

View the sessions and register for your favorites. From one to all, you make the schedule that works for you. And it's all free!

October 12th, 2021

RecTrac not only streamlines your business operations but also offers concrete insight into your business via the Reports feature. This session will cover how to find and run the right reports in RecTrac.  We’ll discuss the different report screens and highlight some tips on how to get the most effective and efficient report results.   We’ll also spend some time troubleshooting common reporting issues and breaking down RecTrac’s filters and criteria.


Now is the time to unleash the power of RecConnect, a simple and fast way to connect with your patrons!  This session will show you how to use filters to target specific groups, how to customize emails and text messages, how to create bypass links, and how to implement VS’s marketing email templates to deliver effective and attractive professional-grade content to your customers.


October 13th, 2021

With RecTrac’s Reports feature, you not only can access and view data, but also can customize your reports, gaining unparalleled control over report formatting and included fields.  In this session, we’ll review some of the most common report configuration changes, demystify the available report fields, and overview troubleshooting some common report output issues.


Untamed power is coursing through RecTrac. Rules ensure that the right patrons can process transactions under the proper circumstances.  Fees ensure that everyone is charged the right amounts.  Harnessing the power of Rules and Fees is the secret to a smoothly operating database.  Join us for a discussion on the best practices and processes for taming these wild logics.  We will cover methods for simplifying Rule and Fee management via Linking Levels, Default Records, Rule/Fee Profiles, and Set logic.


October 14th, 2021

WebTrac is ready to better serve you with a new user interface!  The WebTrac Next Gen UI leverages cutting-edge design, technology, and accessibility standards to provide a robust user experience.  Of the many design improvements, we’ll cover updated menus and navigation, streamlined branding, and the steps to implement these improvements on your WebTrac website.



“Wait, RecTrac can do that?!”  We are often surprised by the features, functions and capabilities of RecTrac many of you are not aware of.  This fast paced overview will provide details and high-lights on a number of these add-on options, including:

- InteliTrac
- PayTrac – fully integrated VS Payment Processing option (No more gateway partners)
- VS Hosting
- Medical Record Management (HIPPA compliant partner solutions – EPact and CampDoc)
- SMS Texting
- Kiosk
- MainTrac
- GL Interface – to Finance Software
- Activity Brochure Interface
- Touch Screen Processing
- Mobile RecTrac POS Processing
- Access Control


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