VSI EDU and RecTrac Lab

Self-service learning at your fingertips

Puts the power of an industry-leading learning management system into your hands. Through a series of online learning courses, you can quickly introduce new and advanced users to the capabilities of RecTrac, reducing time and money spent on training.

Provide consistent onboarding and reduce time in training.  Custom course creation available. All with the click of a mouse from within RecTrac.

Track your employees’ engagement.  Assign specific courses to specific employees, auto remind them of due dates, and track completions.



Think of RecChat as your Recreation Management talk show, where we have conversations about new features, hot topics, and upcoming events.  All RecChat events are scheduled for 2pm Eastern Time.

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RecChat Schedule

10/10/2019InteliTracPatrick and Bryan2pm ET
10/17/2019Card Connect HPPV2 ConversionCullen and Mike2pm ET
10/24/2019VSI EDU: Live from the SymposiumZach, Leigha and Bret2pm ET
10/31/2019Trick 'r Treat (you ask the tricky questions, we give treats of answers)Robert, Zach and Goodwin2pm ET
11/7/2019VSI AssistLandel  and John2pm ET
11/21/2019SMSJordan and Patrick2pm ET
12/5/2019New UI OverviewChris and Bryan2pm ET
12/19/2019Winter/End of Year Q and ATBA2pm ET

*Schedule and topics are subject to change

RecTrac Lab

On demand access to educational content from VSI Experts

RecTrac Lab: Overview Modules

The five chapters of our RecTrac overview provide a quick orientation for your users, whether they’re brand new to RecTrac or veterans looking to understand the new UI.  These courses help users master the arts of Navigation, Global Sales, DataGrids, Households, Purchases, and more.

RecTrac Lab: Daily Processing

Our Daily Processing walk-throughs help users become experts in registration, transfers, and the cancellation process.  We use real-world scenarios that your users are likely to experience in their day-to-day work.

RecTrac Lab: 42

Our advanced courses cover your RecTrac management questions – and might even explore the answers to life, the universe, and everything.  With this level of access, you can track individual users, assign specific courses, set due dates, and even load your own eLearning content onto our platform.


RecTrac Symposium

Join us in Vermont for our flagship training event.  Attend live and in-person presentations from RecTrac experts, socialize with your favorite VSI trainers, network with other users, and experience the beauty of our home that is Vermont!

Virtual Symposiums

Need more to feed your appetite for RecTrac knowledge?  Our virtual symposiums are thorough and interactive explorations of some of the most requested RecTrac topics, like Rules, Fees, Installment Billing, and more!



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