VSI Assist

Hands-on help maximizing your RecTrac system

Get a head start with your RecTrac setup by utilizing our data build service. Our team of RecTrac experts helps you get off the ground, ensuring your database is ready for action. Training requirements are reduced so you can accelerate your implemenation timeline and focus on using your system, not setting it up.

Keep your focus on your customers while we focus on your data. Our comprehensive database management service ensures your database content is always up to date. Take advantage of the advanced capabilities of RecTrac without mastering the world of system administration.

Tailor your RecTrac system to your organization. Our customization services help you identify opportunities for improvement and implement changes to your system setup. Save time processing transactions, enhance your reporting capabilities, automate recurring processes, and individualize the user experience.


Data Build

Have your database built by a RecTrac expert

  • New customer database build, data conversions
  • RecTrac 3.1 migration reconfigurations
  • Add new facilities, membership options, programs, and more to your existing database
  • Get it done right: best practices, future-compatible setup

Full Management

Take charge of your time and leave the RecTrac updates to us

  • Eliminate "system management" and "file management" from your responsibilities
  • Spend less time training and orienting new staff
  • Focus on using the system, not setting it up
  • Reduce seasonal spikes in staff workload

Screen Design

Reconstruct RecTrac screens to fit your needs

  • Change the order and labels of fields on any screen
  • Hide, disable, and restrict data fields
  • Have different screen designs for different users
  • Match screen flows to business flows


Visualize your business with embedded analytics

  • See purchase trends, geographical heat maps
  • See patron demographics pertaining to each area of business
  • Automatic updates with daily refresh
  • Full custom dashboards available

Report Customization

Harness the power of the RecTrac report output builder

  • Design reports that show you only what you need to see
  • Arrange and sort data in the way you need
  • Summarize data with custom cross calculations and totals
  • Schedule, automate, and email reports on your desired schedule