You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

The world and RecTrac have changed a lot since 1988 – and will continue to do so. New patron expectations will arise. New employees will join your department. Technology will evolve. Through all of that change, the one thing we hear consistently from customers is “I had no clue RecTrac could do that." That’s why a RecTrac Elevate subscription starts with an audit of your system. Our team of experts will evaluate your current setup and processes to identify areas to optimize your use of RecTrac and WebTrac.

Highlighting the Path Forward

With the audit creating a baseline, we work with your team to identify critical areas that will deliver the most improvement and value to your department and patrons. Then we create and implement a training schedule to ensure that those that need the information have the tools to execute the plan.

Continuing Momentum with Knowledge

Throughout the subscription contract, we continue to reevaluate both your systems and processes, ensuring that you’re optimizing your use of the system and enabling you and your staff to focus on your patron experience. Best of all you’ll have the attention of Vermont System’s experts that know and understand your unique system, and save significant dollars in training and lost productivity. 


RecTrac Elevate Subscription Advantages

  • Comprehensive system audit sets a path for maximum value
  • Customized training means you learn the right things, the right way
  • Ensure the system is configured optimally for your business
  • Implement the most current versions and institute best practices
  • Quickly address unique issues related to patron experience and processes
  • Save up to $800 annually compared to hourly training costs


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