Trac Plug-ins

Complete your solution with Vermont Systems Trac Plug-in Options


The Trac Plug-ins are developed and supported by Vermont Systems and are fully integrated into Vermont Systems applications.

Trac Plug-ins

The Trac Plug-ins are a series of add-on options available for the Vermont Systems Applications. They provide a full range of solutions to your organization from financial interfaces & background checks to ID cards & remote lighting controls...

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Vermont Systems is committed to working with industry-leading vendors to provide solutions that meet the needs of recreation professionals.

VSI offers a number of add-on options for the RecTrac application

Identification Systems

The Identification - ID Card Trac Plug-in provides a range of identification options.

These include:

  • Fully customized digital photo ID cards
  • Customized, pre-printed key fob ID cards
  • Biometric fingerprint & finger vein options


Identification System features include:

  • Single ID card for a member - "one" card for all access
  • System will manage member & expiration date - Use ID card for years
  • Member image stored and displayed in software & on photo ID card
  • Electronic "punch" card membership options
  • "Lost card" tracking capability
  • Barcode & magnetic stripe card options
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PayTrac - Payment Authorization

The PayTrac Plug-in provides External Redirect Interfaces (ERI) that are PCI & EMV compliant to process RecTrac, GolfTrac, and CYMTrac credit card payments using multiple processors over secure networks. The card data is not captured, stored, or transmitted from within the Vermont Systems applications, thereby reducing the cost of PCI compliance for customers & Vermont Systems.


Our PCI Compliant ERI Gateway Partners include:

  • CardConnect (EMV compliant)
  • Verifone Point (EMV compliant)

PayTrac Features:

  • Seamless card processing
  • Keep your existing Merchant account numbers
  • No Vermont Systems transaction fees

Additional PayTrac Options include:

  • Certified, Point to Point Encrypted EMV devices
  • PIN debit card processing options with ETS and Verifone
  • Electronic check (eCheck) processing with ACH file output
TracPlug-ins CreditCard

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Access Control

The Access Control Plug-in provides for unattended, automatic control of access points, such as gates, turnstiles and facility doors. Access Control is an available add-on option for RecTrac & GolfTrac.


Access Control Highlights include:

  • Managed through RecTrac
  • Any number of unattended entry points can be controlled
  • Use RecTrac system "rules" to control who can enter at each access point.
  • Use RecTrac ID cards and/or key fobs
  • Proximity card options
  • Biometric (finger print or finger vein) options
  • Requires specific Access Control hardware/readers
  • Access point requires power
  • Access point requires network connection

Remote Lighting

The Remote Lighting Plug-in provides an interface from RecTrac to a number of automated, third party lighting control systems. Use reservation schedules from RecTrac to automate your lighting of your fields & facilities.


Remote Lighting Interface Highlights include:

  • Interface available for Musco Lighting Control system
  • Interface available for Skylogix Lighting Control system
  • Seamless interface of schedules from RecTrac to your lighting control system
  • Interface will provide lighting start and stop times (with buffer)
  • No more double entry of reservation information
  • Reduce power usage, travel & labor costs
TracPlug-ins Lighting

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TracPlug-ins GL

Financial Software Interface


The Financial Interface Plug-in provides for a custom export of General Ledger information from RecTrac to various 3rd party finance applications.  This interface eliminates the need for manual entry into two systems, saving time and reducing errors.


Financial Interface Highlights include:

  • Batch process that can be scheduled to automatically create GL Export records
  • Interface files are customized based on financial application needs
  • Interface can be run for any date, user or transactional range
  • Current interfaces developed for dozens of financial applications
  • Refund Interface options for select Finance applications

Additional Trac Plug-in Options

Provide additional system integration with these additional Trac Plug-in options:

  • NCSI-SSCI Background check interface
  • ePACT Medical records interface
  • Custom Activity Brochure interface
  • Gift Cards: Pre-printed or printed at receipt
  • Driver License scan integration
  • Third Party Facility reservation monitor interface
  • ePRep Solutions cost recovery interface
  • Retention Management interface
  • Custom Instructor payroll interface
  • Golf range ball dispenser/control system interface
  • Third party tee time integration (such as Golf Now)
  • POS Hardware options
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Hardware Add-on Options

The Trac Plug-in Options integrate with a wide range of Peripheral Hardware.  From cash drawers and touch screens to card readers and much more.