Employee Scheduling for any number of employees and job duties

Automated Employee time swipe and time card management - from any device



FinTrac Employee Scheduling & Time Management Software

Manage employee work schedules and track employee time with FinTrac EMS-TMS

FinTrac Employee Scheduling & Time Management (EMS-TMS) software provides simplified management of your staff.  Schedule employees for any job duties and track time worked with one system.

FinTrac is fully integrated with the RecTrac recreation management software to further increase your efficiency.  Manage instructors, officials, referees & any part- or full-time staff with EMS-TMS.

With a number of standard reporting outputs and a payroll interface feature to pass employee time records to your finance payroll system; FinTrac EMS-TMS has the answer to your reporting needs.

Software to handle all your Employee Management needs

Contact the VSI sales team for information and a demonstration of the FinTrac EMS-TMS software

System Highlights

FinTrac EMS-TMS provides a number of core system features, including:

  • Shared Employee records - Single database
  • Track any number of job duties and work
  • "Permission" based employee access
  • ID card time swipe entry
  • Extensive financial and statistical reporting options
  • Standard report building tool - create custom reports
  • Reports output options include: .pdf, .csv, XML, and charts
  • In-depth on-line help


Group of business people using electronic devices at work
  • Fully integrated as a module of the RecTrac System


  • Standalone option: as the FinTrac EMS-TMS only solution


  • Customized screen designs and layouts


  • Custom interface to your payroll system

EMS-TMS Features

Employee Scheduling

- Schedule views include by Staff or by Shift/Job requirements
- Daily Schedule view for detailed view of work schedule times by day
- Auto create schedule option based on employee priorities and job availability
- Create "templates" to resuse when building future schedules
- Print or email various employee schedule formats directly from Schedule program
- Schedule swap/trade feature - with supervisor approval
- Mobile Schedule views with Mobile FinTrac EMS.

Features Include:
- Graphical schedule display for any number of employees
- Quickly add, change and remove employee scheduled time
- See up to 18 days of scheduled time on a single screen
- Schedule any jobs/work duties for staff
- For current day, see those that have checked in, on time, late or not at all
- Calendar view for individual employee schedule display
- Show only matching staff for job duties - Get the right staff for the job!
- Check employee leave time availability when scheduling

Time Management

Features Include:
- Computerized employee time clock/swipe process
- Time clock entry options for staff include swiping ID Cards or name lookup, with PIN option
- Employee swipe notes option - on punch in and punch out of workday/job
- Employee review hours feature, directly from the time swipe screen
- Supervisor manual time records entry option
- Mobile Time Clock entry option - with Mobile FinTrac EMS
- Touch Screen based option for time clock
- PIN option for any swipe for additional time clock security
- Automatic break and lunch time adjustments can be calculated into time records
- Supervisor time record review and approval feature
- Audit trail of all time record updates
- Custom interface to payroll system

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Management from anywhere!

Mobile FinTrac TMS provides your staff "anywhere, anytime" access to FinTrac


With Mobile FinTrac your staff can always stay connected.  With options for employee time swipe entry thru a mobile phone, tablet or workstation, your team can track their work time quickly and accurately.


Current capabilities include:
• Mobile employee time clock:  Swipe in and out
• Administrator view: approve time swipes and schedules
• View employee schedules
• Employee shift "trade" requests
• Employee check/review of previous pay period time swipes

Comphrensive standard reporting tools included

FinTrac EMS-TMS Reporting

Providing a full range of standard reporting options


FinTrac EMS-TMS has dozens of standard reports from calendars and schedules to time records and comparisons. The reporting tool provides for multiple filters and criteria to allow staff to target specific output and information.  Quickly and easily access performance and results with FinTrac Reporting.


Current capabilities include:
• Numerous "standard" report output options (no need to build from scratch)
• Report "Template" feature to save report search & filter inputs
• Listing, calendar, summary and details report options
• Time records and audit reports with payroll export
• Employee records reports

• Report output options include: print, email, spreadsheet, dashboard & XML

Hardware Add-on Options

FinTrac EMS integrates with a small number of peripheral hardware devices.  These include mobile devices and barcode readers for employee time clock check-in.

FinTrac EMS-TMS: Frequently Asked Questions