Manage your activities, programs and classes with the RecTrac Activity Registration module

Manage your facility schedules and reservations with the RecTrac Facility Reservation module

Manage your memberships and entry control with the RecTrac Pass Management module

Manage your venue seating tickets sales with the RecTrac POS Venue Ticketing module

Manage your teams, leagues and tournaments with with the RecTrac League Scheduling module

Manage your trips and special events with with the RecTrac Trip Reservation module

Manage your court reservation & check-in process with the RecTrac Court Reservation module

Manage your trainers schedules and facility needs with the RecTrac Personal Trainer module

Manage your golf pro shop sales and tee-time reservations with the RecTrac Golf Tee-Time module

Manage your locker and locker room reservations with the RecTrac Locker Rental module

From the pro shop to the concession stand, manage your POS operations with the RecTrac Point of Sale module

From the campground and marina to your gear checkout desk, manage your Rental operations with the RecTrac Equipmnet/Site Rental module



Enterprise Recreation Tracking Software

The most comprehensive Parks and Recreation application ever developed

RecTrac provides 12 proven, integrated modules for management of recreation organizations. From custom screen designs to automatic fee calculations, the system will fit your business process.

RecTrac is a fully integrated parks and recreation management software that increases your efficiency and productivity, while providing management with extensive reporting and statistical data.

With 30 years' experience, put your trust in the RecTrac team at Vermont Systems. Our goal is the success of our clients.  What can RecTrac do for you?

The Next Generation of RecTrac

A new, redesigned user interface and user experience that exemplifies best in breed menu navigation.  Also present are opt-in SMS/text messaging features and integration into the VSI EDU learning management system.  Coming soon - unattended kiosk patron check-in features.

Software to handle all your Recreation Management needs

The Vermont Systems sales team is always available to provide you with information and demonstrations of our latest software solutions.

System Highlights

RecTrac provides a number of fully integrated System features:
  • Customer Files:  System provides a central customer database used by all 12 system modules


  • Single database: shared files & information


  • Receipts printed or emailed


  • Multiple user defined payment types


  • Integrated Gift Cards


  • Extensive financial and statistical reporting: Hundreds of standard reports


  • Reports output as .pdf, .csv, and Word documents


  • Complete online help
RecTrac Recreation Management Software
  • Global Sales: Perform transactions across all 12 RecTrac modules from a single sales screen


  • Marketing tools: Capture repeat business
    RecConnect: Target any demographic with email message options


  • Automatic fee calculation based on user defined criteria, such as age, grade, customer type, dates, etc.


  • Custom "Rule" engine: System will match your business process


  • Create unlimited user menu configurations & custom screens


  • Numerous financial interfaces available


  • Supports a wide range of point-of-sale hardware peripherals

RecTrac Modules

RecTrac software consists of 12 fully integrated modules to fit your recreation and parks software needs

Activity Registration

Facility Reservation

Pass Membership

League Scheduling

Point of Sale/Inventory

Venue Seating Ticketing

Equipment/Site Rentals

Court Reservations

Locker Rentals

Trip Reservations

Golf Point of Sale/ Tee Times

Personal Trainer Scheduling

Child/Youth Management (CYMS) is offered/bundled as a military specific module.

Activity Registration

-Lottery enrollment feature including “with friend” option
- Marketing/contact program, based on customer transactions - email, text, labels, export data
- Search for Program feature with keyword functionality
- Custom program brochure export available
- Enrollment conflict checking - age, grade, gender, existing registrations, prerequisites, valid pass
- Multi-child/Multi-class discount options
- Supports “drop-in” programs
- Reports include: rosters, attendance worksheets, financials, demographics, statistics and more

Features Include:
- Tracking of all program enrollments
- Manage rosters, waiting lists and waivers
- Track income and expense by revenue account
- Transfer, cancellation, and refund processing
- Day camp/daycare registrations
- Prerequisite enrollment option
- Track class attendance and participant medical records
- Instructor tracking and payment processing
- Provide program evaluations and track results
- Installment billing, invoices, and statements

Facility Reservation

Features Include:
- Manage facility schedules for rooms, fields, gyms, auditoriums, parks, etc
- Facility SuperGrid provides for graphical based management of reservations
- Schedule facilities directly from Super Grid availability display
- Extensive facility availability search tools
- Track overlap facilities, prevent double bookings
- Track one time, pattern (repeating), and multiple random date reservations
- User defined, multi-facility calendar/graphical displays
- Automatic or manual conflict resolution
- Easy display of schedules & calendars with Dashboard option
- Built in rain date processing
- Track setup and cleanup times

- Track fees including damage deposits
- Premium billing option (automatically vary rates based on dates/times/seasons, etc).
- Reservation wait list option for sites and locations
- Unlimited user-defined Reservation Contract/Rules & Regulation form
- Maintenance/Setup instruction schedules with optional diagrams/images
- Facility Schedule Calendar print and view options
- Event clone feature for reservations and processing
- Facility lighting control interface available
- Track facility attendance and usage statistics
- Full integration, so facilities are automatically reserved by the Activity Registration, League Scheduling, and Personal Trainer functions

Pass Management

Features Include:
- Manage unlimited pass/membership types
- Day-of-week/Time-of-day usage restrictions by pass type
- Track visit demographics and attendance by member - by pass type
- Dual session visit processing: Multi-task from a single workstation
- Track membership, suspension and expiration dates
- Membership billing capability including EFT/ACH payment options
- Track guest, additional and daily entry fees
- Track revenue by pass/membership Type
- Track visit purpose for reporting and analysis
- Print customized plastic digital photo ID cards
- "Cross-reference" feature allows use of pre-existing cards
- Pre-printed key fobs, 3rd party fob, biometric ID options available

- Capture and display member photos patron visits
- One ID card for all recreation locations (pool, golf, rec center, etc.)
- Computerized "punch" visit tracking
- Barcode, magstripe, biometric hand scan and finger scan, and keyboard entry options
- Play greeting on member entry
- Built in loyalty program based on visits: "Rewards Points"
- Court reservation alert when customer swipes in during visit
- Alert customer of approaching expiration
- Track facility capacity during visit check-in and alert staff when full
- Check for expired lockers during visit check-in and alert staff
- Option to expand Pass Management to control facility access through doors, turnstiles and gates with Access Control add-on

Point of Sale

Features Include:
- Designed to handle POS environments, such as concessions, restaurants, bars, pro shops, ticket and seating sales, etc
- Unlimited multi-level, user-defined touch screen menu options
- Option to display or print kitchen orders
- Touch screen "specials" feature includes multi-choice items with a single price
- Use touch POS to process pass registrations, visits, court reservations, rentals, programs, and more
- Print receipts with multi-color logo using a 40 column thermal printer
- Complete inventory, tickets and tours control
- Ticket sales for general admission events
- Option for venue seating/assigned seating ticket sales

- Track inventory using UPC bar codes and user-assigned bar codes
- Track & manage any number of Donation options
- Track commission ticket sales
- Create Ticket pages for groups of events
- Track discounts and gift certificates
- Multiple sales tax computations
- Vendor tracking
- Integrated POS hardware options include cash drawers, touch screens and barcode scanners
- Reports include Sales history, Inventory, and Statistical options
- Graphical "open ticket" interface for sit-down restaurant sales

Venue Seating Ticket Sales

Features Include:
- Manage any number of assigned seating ticketed events
- Designed for theaters, sporting venues, event space with seating
- Create custom seating charts/venue layouts of any size.
- Multiple seating configurations can be created.
- Automated ticket pricing calculation
- Print single use barcoded tickets, for entry management control
- Create custom ticket designs by event
- Create seating "packages" for multi-event ticket sales
- Online Ticket sales option thru WebTrac
- Electronic ticket delivery and use at time of entry
- Guest ticket sales

League Scheduling

Features Include:
- Manage schedules for any number of leagues with teams, players and officials
- Enter team data once, then reuse year to year
- Post scores and track standings
- Regular season, single and double elimination leagues
- Create up to 256 team tournament brackets
- Print fillable tournament bracket sheets
- Team transfer to another league for easy movement of teams
- Automatic facility reservations
- Track any number of league fees and payments
- Track user defined player statistics by league
- Use "Roster draft" option in Activity Registration module to create teams

- Multiple schedule generators available, including auto, manual and matrix options
- Create User defined league schedule templates
- Update existing league schedules as needed
- Track schedule exceptions by league, team and facility
- Convert multiple Leagues into a single tournament
- Option to track and assign officials
- Print, post and email league schedules
- Print team schedules with logos
- Send mass emails and/or text messages to all league participants

Equipment/Site Rental

Features Include:
- Management of equipment, campsites, shelters, marina slips, RV park and storage sites
- Process equipment rental reservations and inventory sales from a single screen
- Process check-in/check-out for options listed above
- Process equipment check-out/check-in (balls, weight belts, racquets)
- Quick Rental option for no-fee equipment check-out items (balls, racquets, towels, weight belts)
- Touch screen option available for Quick Rentals
- Package rentals with automatic update of each package rental item

- Track any number of rental fees including deposits
- Automatic fee calculation based on time of day/time of year/type of customer and more
- Rental wait list option for popular sites and equipment
- Automatic rental item return option
- Automatically recalculate fees for early/late returns
- Installment Billing/Auto Debit/Auto Credit Card options available
- Display and print rental schedules and calendars
- Graphical campsite/marina slip/RV storage reservation feature

Court Reservation

Features Include:
- "Super Grid" graphical reservation & display feature
- Process court reservations and POS transactions from a single screen
- Track one time & pattern reservations
- Unlimited number of courts can be setup and reserved
- Generate user-defined reservation time blocks
- Process member or daily player reservations with appropriate fees
- Reserve a court time-slot for up to four individual players
- Produce calendars, statistics & usage reports
- Track court reservation shows & no-shows
- Available court reservation monitor display program
- Full integration, so facilities are automatically reserved by the Activity Registration, League Scheduling, and Personal Trainer functions

Trip Reservations

Features Include:
- Establish any number of "trips" - such special events, group outings to sporting events, casinos, travel destinations, etc.
- Track departure/return dates & times
- Allows for member (have account) and guest reservation options
- Waitlist management for popular trips
- Print trip tickets for 'trip" events (such as breakfast with Santa...)
- Setup any number of fees (Adult, Child, Senior, etc), with automatic fee assigment based on customer type
- Bulk trip reservation processing capability
- Process trip reservations via the "touch screen" sales interface
- Produce trip rosters, statistics & analysis reports

Personal Trainer Scheduling

Features Include:
- Manage any number of trainer schedules
- Search for trainer availabilty by qualification
- Link multiple qualifications to each trainer
- Link unique fee rates to each trainer qualification
- Simultaneously reserve trainer and facility
- Generate trainer openings based on availability and view reports
- Search for qualified trainers based on training purpose (weight training, tennis instruction, etc.)
- Print trainer schedules and statistics

Locker Rental

Features Include:
- Track any number of locker rooms across various locations
- Create locker "terms" (3 month, 6 months, etc) for each locker room
- Track male and female locker rentals with controls on reservations allowed
- Produce locker rules and regulation form with a locker rental
- Track lock assignment and availability, including combinations
- Track locker expirations and renewals with notification features
- Track locker damage deposits
- Search for locker availabilty by locker category (full, half, combo, etc)
- Built-in grace period and Impound procedures
- Pay Locker fees via Cash, Check, eCheck, Installment Billing, Auto Debit, and Auto Credit Card options
- Locker expiration warning during visit check-in

Golf Course Management

Features Include:
- Point-of-sale inventory management for the pro shop, restaurant, bar, and concessions
- Single or multiple courses (up to 99)
- Automatic pricing options by golfer type, by course
- Open ticket POS feature for restaurant waiter/waitress orders and sales
- Fully customizable touch screen sale interface
- UPC and user defined Barcode scanning
- Membership & daily play tracking
- Tee-Times continuously updated to enable starter to track plays

- Real-time Tee-time reservations
- One step Tee-sheet to POS processing
- Multiple Tee-Sheet print options
- Handicapping: meets PGA requirements
- Tournament tracking
- Credit Book management
- Track gift certificates with gift card printing option, cash back calculation
- GolfTrac is interfaced to Vision Perfect Tournament Manager, Keyonix, E-Range, and other systems

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RecTrac in your pocket

Mobile RecTrac provides your staff "anywhere, anytime" access to RecTrac

Mobile RecTrac provides your team with access to key system features and capabilities through their mobile devices.  Harness the power of today’s mobile technology with Mobile RecTrac.

Current capabilities include:
• Pass visit check-in with daily visit option
• Activity attendance posting with roster view
• Access ticket check-in
• Inquiries: Facility schedules, Activity rosters, Memberships & Rental schedules

• Inventory posting
• League score posting

Mobile RecTrac provides anywhere, anytime use
Comphrensive standard reporting tools included

RecTrac Reporting and Business Intelligence

Powerful Standard reports with built in Custom Reporting Feature

RecTrac provides numerous standard reporting options across the system's modules.  In addition, the system has a fully featured, easy to use custom reporting tool.  Build your own reports to match your desired output.

Current capabilities include:

  • Custom built dashboards
  • InteliTrac Business Analytics integration
  • Over 300 Standard System Report outputs
  • Report "Template" feature to save report search & filter inputs
  • Listing, calendar, summary, and details report options
  • Full range of financial reports
  • Trend analysis reports - Compare historic performance across user-defined intervals
  • Report output options include: print, email, spreadsheet, dashboard & XML


Business Intelligence and Analysis for RecTrac

Trac Plug-ins

Complete your solutions with the RecTrac Trac Plug-ins


The Trac Plug-ins provide a wide range of add-on features and capabilities for RecTrac.

"Plug-in" one of the options today!


Current Plug-ins include:
• Access Control - automated door/gate/turnstile control option
• Identification Systems - with key fob, photo ID card & biometric options
• PayTrac, payment authorization - credit card payment processing options
• Remote lighting control
• General Ledger Interface - financials interface

• Background check

• Brochure Interface


VSI offers a number of add-on options for the RecTrac application
Comphrensive standard reporting tools included

SMS Text Messaging

A robust, reliable, and efficient solution to deliver time sensitive information


  • Nearly instant delivery with no limits on throughput
  • Target only those participant you wish to communicate with
  • Ensure relevant messages with dynamic content
  • Don't worry about failed or delayed delivery with robust solution
  • You choose the subscription that fits your needs

Hardware Add-on Options

RecTrac integrates with a wide range of Peripheral Hardware.  From cash drawers and touch screens to card readers and mobile devices.

RecTrac: Frequently Asked Questions