Manage Costs

Simplify billing and manage costs with just one vendor – and one way to point the finger.

Collect Anywhere

Take payments anywhere with flexible reader options that open up new opportunities.

Increase Security

Minimize risk with one vendor and top security protocols, minimizing the risk of data interception.

Save Time

Save time with faster account reconciliations and consolidated reporting views.

Faster Refunds and Processing

Get faster and more predictable cash flow, with settlements occurring within 2-3 business days.

Modern Experience

Match patrons’ lifestyle with easy card payments without incurring additional fees for you.

Your patrons appreciate all you have to offer, including the simplicity of payment transactions.

Get details on the process and how PayTrac works.

Get details and check out these frequently asked questions. 

Discover how you can create a better patron experience and streamline operations with one trusted partner through PayTrac.

Schedule 30 minutes to discover how you can streamline your payments.

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