Track costs for all work performed on any department asset

Manage work requests and work orders with approval and scheduling processes

Create any number of preventive maintenance plans , with prompts and reminders to complete

Track your inspections performed with custom inspection forms and mobile access

Use MainTrac employee scheduling to assign your team to tasks and work duties

Track your contracted vendor expenses and work performed

Manage your staff & track the work they perform

Manage your equipment information & costs

Manage your material usage & inventory

Manage your facilities & the costs of work performed at each



Enterprise Maintenance Tracking Software

Comprehensive Management software for your entire Maintenance Operation

A single application designed to track all your labor/staff, equipment, material and contract costs for facilities, streets, trees, landscape areas, utilities, vehicles, equipment and parks.

MainTrac features include staff performance & work tracking, work request & work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, inspection processing and job scheduling.

With ease of use and functionality as core principals, MainTrac can provide your maintenance team with the tool set to work smarter.

How can MainTrac help you?

The Next Generation of MainTrac

A new, redesigned user interface and user experience that includes new reports, improved workflows and an updated mobile experience.

Simple to use Maintenance Management Software

The Vermont Systems sales team is always available to provide you with information and demonstrations of our latest software solutions.

System Highlights

The MainTrac base system includes the following features and capabilities:
  • One central database of all assets and resources


  • Custom work log tracking screen - the "Combo log"


  • Unlimited work tasks can be tracked


  • Unlimited facilities can be tracked


  • Unlimited personnel records can be entered


  • Unlimited equipment can be managed


  • Manage access to data by department & district


  • Store images and photos of all assets & personnel records
  • Integrated to the RecTrac recreation management system


  • Touch screen-based work entry "log" option


  • Automatic overtime calculation for employee cost tracking


  • Approval process option for employee work tracking


  • External work request entry process, with approval process


  • Create unlimited user menu configurations & custom screens


  • Track any number of shift & work code pay rates


  • Link project codes to work performed to track project costs

MainTrac Modules

Base System

- Manage any number of work crews with simplified, flexible crew tracking
- Track material data, such as vendors, costs, quantities, reorder levels, etc.
- Track stocked and non-stocked materials
- Material use tracking provides for up to date inventory and material usage
- Asset "family maintenance" feature allows the grouping of multiple assets to a single group for tracking and reporting
- Invoice processing
- Track vendor contracted costs by date and invoice number.

Features Include:
- Track costs for all work performed
- Log & distribute actual labor, equipment, material, and contract costs for facilities, streets, equipment, landscape areas, trees, utilities and vehicles
- Track all your day-to-day operations with detailed analysis options
- Work is assigned as a user-defined "job task"
- Track actual work times vs. estimated completion times for any task.
- Track expenses by ledger distribution code

Base System - Work Order Processing

Features Include:
- Management of work requests - both internal & external
- Simple external work request form - customizable form for submitting work reqests
- Work order approval process - create any number of approval levels and categories of work
- Track work request rejections with reason codes
- Assign employees & resources to work orders
- Automatic email notification to requestee of work request/order status change: "your work order has been approved"
- Assign priorities, due dates & associate images/photos to work orders
- Unlimited work order notes and comments can be entered
- Schedule employees to complete work orders as part of the Employee Job Scheduling module
- Fully integrated with the work log (Combo Log) entry program to easy track and complete work orders
- Automatic work order creation for RecTrac reservation/requests

Base System - Asset Management

Features Include:
- Central database of all departmental assets.
- Facility management includes: location, features, size, condition, etc.
- Equipment management includes: make, model, warranty, engine size, etc.
- Personnel management includes: names, phone numbers, addresses, pay rates, shift info, evaluations and more
- Track personnel leave time
- Track labor by pay type - regular, overtime, double-time, holiday time, comp time, etc.
- Utility Management includes: location details, material type, diameter, length, width, depth, pressure, etc.
- Street Management includes: surface, width, length, construction date, markings, direction, block, etc.
- Unlimited, user-defined task work codes, linked by asset category
- Department and District links for assets - restrict employee access to their specific area
- Store, view and print photo images of department assets including personnel records & equipment

Base System - Resource Management

Features Include:
- In MainTrac, "resources" perform work on assets
- MainTrac resource types include: Personnel, Equipment, Materials, Contracted and Miscellaneous
- Cost for resources can be entered, such as hourly wage, cost per mile, cost per gallon, etc.
- The system work log program provides the tools to track all associated resource costs, for any task performed
- Know how much you are spending on labor, equipment, material and contracts
- For the labor resource type, track overhead and benefit additional costs
- Combination log (work log) allows for tracking all resource types in a single screen
- User defined touch screen based work log option can be created for work tracking of all resource types
- Review log option for approval and/or update of submitted work logs

Base System - Preventive Maintenance

Features Include:
- Create system reminders for future work duties with Preventive Maintenance Planning
- Capture your teams historical knowledge and use it to create PM's for future use
- PM plans may be created for any department asset
- PM plans can be date/time or usage based (every 90 days and-or 100 hours)
- Every asset can have any number of plans - daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reminders for example
- System will prompt specific staff on log-in of PM's that are due or over due
- PM Reports can provide a sense of coming work requirements
- Keep on top of maintenance responsibilities - Put out fires before they happen with MainTrac PM!

Inspection Processing

Features Include:
- Customized inspection forms
- Inspect any item/asset using user-defined inspection criteria
- User defined inspection rating designations, such as pass/fail or excellent/good/poor/broken or number scoring
- Failed inspection items can trigger work order creation
- Set up inspection schedules
- Track historical inspection results for future reference and analysis
- Track & store inspection data including photos and detailed notes for each inspection & inspection item
- Link photos images to inspection record & through to work order
- Mobile MainTrac options available for handheld inspection processing using a smart phone or tablet

Job/Task Scheduling

Features Include:
- Schedule employee work by job and task, by work orders due and by PM's due
- "Pattern" schedule routine jobs and tasks in one step
- Use scheduling as a spring board to "exception logging" allowing you to save employee work log entry time
- Estimate job/task completion times
- Schedule work for individual employees or crews
- Schedule equipment and materials required for each job/task
- Update material inventories automatically as the schedule is created to maintain accurate inventory counts
- View & print current schedule calendars for employees
- Schedule work at any time for any asset
- Add schedule notes/instruction
- Quick schedule transfer feature to easily adjust existing schedules

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Mobile MainTrac

Mobile MainTrac provides your staff access to the MainTrac system from a mobile device


Mobile MainTrac brings the "anytime, anywhere" availability of mobile devices to your maintenance operation. With this browser based mobile option, your team will always be connected.

Power up your operations with Mobile MainTrac today!


Current capabilities include:
• Submission of external work requests

• Review and assign work requests
• Complete asset inspections in the field
• Logging personnel time, equipment time, and materials used throughout the day
• Work review log - review and edit entered work records



MainTrac Reporting and Business Intelligence

Powerful standard reports with built in custom reporting feature

MainTrac provides a wide range of standard reporting options. These include cost analysis for assets & resources for any time period. Want to know how much was spent on mowing cost, in a particular park, for a specific time range? MainTrac has the answer.

In addition, the system can produce charts and graphical outputs for a clear performance review.

Current capabilities include:

  • Custom built dashboards
  • InteliTrac Business Analytics integration
  • Dozens of standard report outputs
  • Report "Template" feature to save report search & filter inputs
  • Full range of cost analysis report options
  • Monthly comparison reports for analyzing work history trends by month
  • Work history reports for any date range, asset range, or task range
  • Report output options include: print, email & spreadsheet

Trac Plug-ins

Complete your solution with the MainTrac Trac Plug-ins Options


The Trac Plug-ins provide a wide range of add-on features and capabilities for MainTrac.

"Plug-in" one of the options today!


Current Plug-ins include:
• Fuel Management System interface - for fuel use tracking
• Payroll Export - available customized time record export for payroll
• RecTrac interface - for creation of work schedules and posting of costs



Hardware Add-on Options

 We offer several device solutions for Mobile MainTrac, ranging from "ruggedized" mobile units to protective sleds for your existing mobile devices.

MainTrac: Frequently Asked Questions