The Next Generation of RecTrac – With InteliTrac

This rich reporting engine brings embedded business intelligence, bolstered by dashboard customization through VSI Assist – enabling stakeholder access to business insights. And, coming soon, natural language dashboard narratives.

Business Intelligence & Analysis for RecTrac


The InteliTrac option seamlessly integrates to an existing RecTrac 3.1 database.


 InteliTrac is an add-on option to the RecTrac system that provides for data analysis from any angle.


InteliTrac provides a true analytics solution allowing for data driven decision making.



Provides a complete business analytics platform for your department.   Combine data from across the RecTrac system to provide visual insights to your organizations performance and trends.

System features include:

  • Direct connection to your data
  • Hosted by Vermont Systems
  • Accessed through your current RecTrac system
  • VSI provided dashboards and analytics
  • Easy to navigate
  • Flexibility - dissect the data to your specifications

Make faster and smarter, data-driven business decisions with InteliTrac.

Interactive Dashboards

InteliTrac provides insight using visual representations of your data.  These Dashboards provide easy to understand graphical data to decision makers.

Dashboard highlights include:

  • User-defined filters for display and review of data provided
  • Target very specific elements within each dashboard with "Drill Into" feature
  • Create PDF and Images of dashboard charts and information

Current InteliTrac Dashboard data includes:

  • Revenue and expense data
  • Household and Member demographics
  • Activity Enrollment and participation
  • Pass Membership analysis
  • Visit statistics

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