Provides Military Child Youth Services with comprehensive child care software management capabilities

Manage your participant and member registrations and data in a centralized database

Track your childcare, school aged, general programs & Leagues with CYMS

Ability to track a variety of Staff and Provider information including Training, Medical, Background Checks, Credentials, Inspections and Subsidies

Manage and process equipment lending to coaches and providers

Track schedules for facilities, leagues, programs and more with Schedule Management

CYMS provides full cash register and Point of Sale features and functionality



Child Youth Management Software

Provides military Child Youth Services with a full range of management capabilities

CYMS is a fully integrated Child Care Management Software for infants through school aged children powered by RecTrac.

Manage programs, trips, annual registrations, childcare wait-list, hourly reservations, attendance, facility reservations, staff, providers, inventory, equipment & provider lending and other services.

Developed and supported specifically for the Military, RecTrac CYMS is in use by the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

Management tools for Military Youth Services - CYMS

The Vermont Systems sales team is always available to provide you with CYMS information and demonstrations.

CYMS System Highlights

The CYMS applications is a completely integrated system based on the RecTrac software
  • Customer Files:  System provides a central database for all Youth Services
  • Single database:  shared files with no duplication of data required
  • Marketing tools including bulk email, labels and survey options
  • Financial and statistical reports included
  • Management of FCC providers
  • Receipts printed or emailed
  • Reports output as .pdf, excel, and Word documents
  • Comprehensive on-line help
  • Base Child Youth Management System includes:
  • Program assignments and registration tracking
  • Search-for-Care processing/wait-list processing
  • Facility reservations/Hourly Care reservations
  • Pass Management & membership ID cards & key fobs
  • Attendance Tracking/Check-In/Check-Out
  • Sports Equipment & Provider lending
  • Staff & Provider tracking

CYMS Modules

CYMS Base System

Base System Includes:
- Program Assignments
- Pass Management/Registration Tracking
- Search-for-Care Processing with Wait List Management
- Facility Reservations/Hourly Care Reservations
- Child Youth Service Registrations/Patron Self Registrations
- Membership and Annual Registrations, with ID card & Key fob options
- Attendance Tracking with Check-In/Check-Out Management
- Point of Sale/Inventory Control
- Youth League Scheduling
- Sports Equipment and Provider Lending Management
- Staff and Provider Tracking
- USDA Meal Tracking

Program Management

Features Include:
- Any number of programs with linked sections/session can be created
- Flexible fee assignments with automatic installment billing option
- Search-for-care referral feature and wait list tracking using priority guidelines
- Track fee and payment detail
- Program Reassignment for easy transitions
- Flexible roster reporting
- DoD Annual Report (partial) and Boys & Girls Club report capability
- Produce mailing labels, bulk emails, statements and invoices
- Receipt printing, including custom comments and logo

Annual CYS Registrations

Features Include:
- Central Database of participants
- Household Data Includes:
Sponsor & Spouse Information, Military Status, Branch, Rank, Grade, Unit, Housing, USDA & DOD Income Categories, Family Size, Emergency Contacts, Dual Military/DOD, Single Parent, Payment Restrictions
- Family Member Data includes:
Member Information, Grade, Age, Birth date, Ethnicity, SNAP Status, Health Assessment and Physical tracking, Medical Conditions, Special Needs, Basic Care, Medications, Allergies, Shots & Immunization, Illnesses and ability to link important scanned documents (shot record, trip permission slips, etc)

- Membership management
- Unlimited registration types
- Unlimited ID card printing with bar codes
- Key Fob and Military ID card compatible
- Attendance tracking by registration type and location
- Option to display member photo during check-in/check-out
- Produce mailing labels, bulk emails for registered patrons & patrons due for re-registration
- Self-registration & information at kiosks
- Attendance figures used for USDA meal reimbursements

Staff & Provider Management

Staff & Provider Management includes:
- Tracking of all staff and providers
- Manage training/certifications
- Manage medical history
- Manage background checks
- Manage credentials
- Manage Provider Inspections
- Manage subsidies
- Email provider & staff who are due for home visits, certifications, inspections, etc.
- Provider Referrals for parents that match their childcare needs

Schedule Management

- Manages your Facility & Hourly Care Reservations
- Multiple facility types, locations and IDs may be tracked
- Flexible fees, with automatic rate calculation
- One-time or pattern (repeating) facility reservations
- Integrated billing, installment billing & invoice printing
- Multiple facility schedules with varying print formats
- Customer, program and league reservation tracking
- Reservation access by name or reservation number
- Hourly appointment reservation tracking
- Up to 4 different Hourly/Drop In rates
- Hourly reservation no-show tracking with optional fees

Point of Sale - Cash Register

Features Include:
- Full cash register functions
- Designed to handle multiple POS environments
- Unlimited multi-level, user-defined touch screen menu options
- Use touch POS to process pass registrations, visits, rentals, programs, and more
- Print receipts with multi-color logo using a 40 column thermal printer
- Unlimited inventory items & tickets may be setup and tracked
- Transaction codes to group like sales for flexible reporting, special event tracking and more
- Full range of POS hardware peripherals available: cash drawers, receipt printers, pole displays, bar code readers, magnetic stripe readers, touch screen computers and monitors

League Scheduling

Features Include:
- Manage schedules for any number of leagues with teams, players and officials
- Enter team data once, then reuse year to year
- Post scores and track standings
- Regular season, single and double elimination leagues
- Create up to 256 team tournament brackets
- Print fillable tournament bracket sheets
- Team transfer to another league for easy movement of teams
- Automatic facility reservations
- Track any number of league fees and payments

- Track user defined player statistics by league
- Use "Roster draft" option in Activity Registration module to create teams
- Officials Scheduling
- League/Team rosters and schedules

CYS Lending Management

- Provides for sports equipment and Provider Lending Management
- Process equipment lending to coaches
(bats, balls, sticks, helmets, etc)
- Process equipment lending to providers
(books, videos, toys, games, strollers, etc)
- Barcode printing and processing for quick check in and out processing
- Track consumables and establish reorder points
- Optional fees and damage deposits
- Report capability by item or by household and by out date or return date

CYMS Add-on Options

Options Include:
- WebTrac Online Registration & Hourly Reservation Software. Offering real time online access to your patrons. Includes Online payment processing for current and outstanding balances, apply for Wait list, Printing of tax statements and more!
- Access Control software and photo ID card system software
- Echeck Processing options
- Credit card authorizations (PCI Compliant)
- Debit card authorizations
- Sell gift cards for any amount and use your CYMS ID card printer to print gift cards
- Mobile CYMS RecTrac software for inventory counts, inquiries, visit tracking and other functions for Staff on mobile devices

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CYMS Base System
Program Management
Annual CYS Registrations
Staff & Provider Management
Schedule Management
Point of Sale
League Scheduling
Lending Management
CYMS Add-on Options

CYMS Features


CYMS provides a number of core features and capabilities to all branches.  These include:


• Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines each have a shell database with standard, pre-loaded codes to build on. Example: Training codes, medical codes, etc.
• Customized menu systems and hot buttons provide ease of use and limit/control employee access

• Customer Surveys

• Military date/time format options

• Accident Reporting capability

• Shot and immunization records
• Medications tracking
• Credit Card authorization interface
• Access Control add-on option

Many kids look though gridlines of playground

CYMS Reporting

Powerful Standard reports with built in Custom Reporting Feature


CYMS provides numerous standard reporting options and outputs. Current capabilities include:
• Cash receipts & income distribution - for all system modules

• Military daily activity report (DAR) - for all modules

• Child care statements

• Flexible roster reporting

• DOD Annual & Boys and Girls Club reports

• Attendance reports
• Report "Template" feature to save report search & filter inputs
• Listing, calendar, summary and details report options
• Trend analysis reports - Compare historic performance across user defined intervals

• Report output options include: print, email, spreadsheet (Excel), dashboard & XML

Hardware Add-on Options

CYMS integrates with a wide range of Peripheral Hardware.  From cash drawers and touch screens to card readers and mobile devices.

CYMS: Frequently Asked Questions