migrating to Vermont Systems RecTrac 3.1

The RecTrac 3.1 Transition Process

Over the years (since 2015) we’ve streamlined and perfected the migration process to RecTrac 3.1. Our most recent migrations have settled around the two-four week timeframe. Outside of your office, nobody knows your VSI database better, and together we’ll make the process as smooth as possible. You can access a variety of resources below.

Migration Checklist Infographic

See what you can expect and the timeframes involved. Download the Checklist Infographic


Should I Go Hosted?

Check out all of the advantages of a hosted solution. Download the Cloud Hosting Checklist


Who uses RecTrac 3.1 Now?

The vast majority – nearly 80% – of our VSI customers have already migrated to RecTrac 3.1. It’s been proven time and time again.


Do I have to Move?

Going forward we have to be efficient with our resources. That means functionality and upgrades for non-hosted versions older versions, such as RecTrac 10.3 will take place with less frequency and ultimately cease (as is planned for 10.3 in 2021). Without those updates, your system could become vulnerable and at risk for security issues.

The sooner you call, the sooner you start working with the best solution on the market, one that’s already part of your plan.