Congrats Dave W. and Joe B. – 20 Years at VSI!

Giles Willey and David Wirtz

Vermont Systems congratulates Dave Wirtz and Joe Bourassa on 20 years of service.

During the 1996 Summer Hoops League in Central Vermont,  we saw two young men who we knew would be a good fit for Team VSI. Joe and Dave were wearing the wrong jerseys, so we engaged in a lengthy “interview process” with them.  By Fall we had not only convinced them to switch shirts, but we had hired them as well!

VSI often takes the unconventional approach to finding the right person for the job, but given our results, we see little reason to adhere to convention. For two decades Dave and Joe have been key players for the VSI team both on and off the court. We are proud to welcome them to the VSI 20-year club.

Giles Willey and Joseph Bourassa