RecTrac Version has been released. This release applies only to users running RecTrac Version 3.1.

For installation/update information and instructions, refer to your VSIConnect email from 07 May 2018.


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The current login credentials (username and password) for the Vermont Systems FTP site ( can be found in our Knowledge Base.

  1. Click the Support button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Log into the Support portal with your VSI Username and Password.
  3. Click Knowledge Base in the ribbon.
  4. Enter “1516” in the Keyword field and click Search.
  5. Click the link to “Password for the VSI FTP Site (1516),” as shown in the image below.

Login credentials to the VSI FTP site are changed every 90-100 days. The current password will be changed on/about Tuesday, July 3, 2018.

Today marks the day we add Tim Hansen and Kathy Messier to our “20 Year Club.”  These moments allow me to retrace, not only how the person arrived at VSI, but also what they have accomplished as valued team members.

Tim Hansen and Kathy Messier


Tim came to us with the perfect pedigree for what we are all about at VSI. Coming from a military family, Tim had all the lingo down pat, and his calm humble demeanor fit in great. Ten or so years ago, when the credit card world began going crazy with daily changes that caused everyone’s head to spin, Tim took on the monumental task of converting our direct credit card interfaces (IDIs) to the new world of gateways (ERI). To his credit, Tim still comes to work every day after dealing with some pretty insane code and equally wild circumstances that require hours of mind-numbing searches to find that smoking gun. Tim and I recently made a trip to Sacramento to go through an interface we are developing. Tim got a chance to see that business sometimes gets done outside the normal confines of an office environment. It was a great trip and a great opportunity to share a different side of the VSI operation with a highly valued fellow owner.


Kathy came to us via an interview with her then boyfriend now husband (and fellow 20-year club member), John. During his interview, John remarked that he had girlfriend who would love to work for VSI. So we brought Kathy in to see what her interests were and how they might fit into the VSI framework. Kathy dove into the Sales group and did one heck of a job keeping our priorities straight, making sure quotes and RFPs got out on time, and doing all of the other necessary details while the Sales team roamed the countryside looking for deals. Those early years were interesting to say the least since the only way to communicate was the now extinct pay phone. I am happy Kathy and John have been able to balance work while raising a family. Kathy’s current efforts are to make sure we all get to our shows with the right materials, and that is a lot of work.


Please join me in congratulating both Tim and Kathy on their 20 years with the VSI family. We are looking forward to the next 20!

~Giles Willey, President

Country Club Hills – RecTrac/WebTrac – AR, FR, POS, Venue Seating, Hosted

City of Norman, OK – RecTrac AR, FR, PM, POS, LS, WT, Mobile RT, Mobile WT, 22 Users

VSI Welcomes Manhattan Park District, IL

AR, FR, WT, 5 Users

RecTrac AR, FR, PM, PMI, PS, LS, CR, GL Interface, 30 Users

WebTrac AR, FR, PM, LS, CR, MWT, Splash, ERI

Hardware, supplies

RecTrac 3.1 Training Videos are now available online! These videos were made from seminars conducted during our RecTrac Symposiums here at VSI. Over a dozen videos cover a wide range of topics including:

Global Sales
Menu Customization
Touch Screen Maintenance
Dashboards and Charts
Template Design Studio
And many more.