RecTrac AR, FR, PM, PMI, PS, LS, CR, GL Interface, 30 Users

WebTrac AR, FR, PM, LS, CR, MWT, Splash, ERI

Hardware, supplies

Midland, TX –

RecTrac AR, FR, PM, PMI, LS, RN, GL interface, six (6) users

WebTrac AR, FR, PM, LS, RN, Prem Splash, ERI, 5 days training

Hardware, supplies

Miami Beach, FL – AR, FM, PM, POS, LS, CR, ID Card Systems, 30 Users

RecTrac Version has been released. This release applies only to users running RecTrac Version 3.1.

For installation/update information and instructions, refer to your VSIConnect email from 01 November 2017.


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RecTrac AR, FR, PM, PS, LS, 20 users, GL Interface, AR brochure, Hosting, 10 days training.

WebTrac AR, FR, PM, PS, LS, MRT, MWT, Stylesheet, Splashpage, ERI, Elec Check, 5 days training,

Hardware, supplies

RecTrac AR, FR, 10 users, Hosting, 8 days training.

WebTrac AR, FR, MRT, ERI 3 days training, phone training, stylesheet, splash page

The current password for the Vermont Systems FTP site ( can be found in our Knowledge Base.

  1. Click the Support button at the bottom of this page.
  2. Log into the Support portal with your VSI Username and Password.
  3. Click Knowledge Base in the ribbon.
  4. Enter “1516” in the Keyword field and click Search.
  5. Click the link to “Password for the VSI FTP Site (1516),” as shown in the image below.

Login credentials to the VSI FTP site are changed every 90-100 days. The current password will be changed on/about Tuesday, January 2, 2018.




RecTrac 3.1 Training Videos are now available online! These videos were made from seminars conducted during our RecTrac Symposiums here at VSI. Over a dozen videos cover a wide range of topics including:

Global Sales
Menu Customization
Touch Screen Maintenance
Dashboards and Charts
Template Design Studio
And many more.