Vermont Systems welcomes John Messier to the 20-year club!

John Messier came to our offices 20 years ago for an interview, and I can say with a smile that I’m glad my father hired him because John took on one of our most challenging projects – Army CYMS. 20 years later, John has survived to tell a few choice stories. In the military they tell you never to volunteer for anything. I can’t recall whether John actually “volunteered” for the CYMS project or whether he simply drew the short straw, but CYMS is part of what VSI is today, and John is a big reason for that. Dealing with the various concerns and logistical differences between the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force is a monumental challenge, yet no matter how difficult (or illogical) the questions might be on the phone or in the field, John always represents himself and VSI in a professional manner. Excellent job, John, and thanks for 20 great years.

Now onward to CYMS 3.1!

RecTrac 3.1 Training Videos are now available online! These videos were made from seminars conducted during our RecTrac Symposiums here at VSI. Over a dozen videos cover a wide range of topics including:

Global Sales
Menu Customization
Touch Screen Maintenance
Dashboards and Charts
Template Design Studio
And many more.