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Software Partners

Progress Software Corporation

Progress is a global software company enabling partners to rapidly develop and deliver applications that drive digital transformation and customer success. The Progress partner ecosystem nurtures tens of thousands of businesses and millions of users around the globe. They are best known for OpenEdge which is an integrated development environment to build high-performance multi-platform systems. Other products from Progress include the Telerik Platform, Kendo UI, Sitefinity, DataDirect, and Corticon.

National Center For Safety Initiatives | Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc. 

NCSI | SSCI has set the standard for background checks with programs that have been adopted and implemented by over 2,000 park and recreation agencies and numerous youth sports organizations. They are also the preferred provider for many of the National Governing Bodies of the United States Olympic Committee.

Musco Sports Lighting, LLC

Using LED and metal halide light sources, Musco delivers customized lighting solutions for sports and large-area venues around the world. They have invested more than 40 years researching and testing lighting technology, and the precise science of light control. The results are affordable, energy-efficient solutions that provide the highest quality of light, while minimizing spill light and glare. Their trouble-free lighting systems carry an industry leading warranty complete from foundation to pole top.

REACH Media Network

Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, REACH provides digital signage solutions.  REACH was established in 2005 and has grown rapidly since its inception. Operating over 2,500 digital solutions, their flexible, fast-growing network is located across North America and the United Kingdom.

ePACT Online Emergency Network

ePACT offers a secure emergency network used by recreation organizations across North America. As a HIPAA-compliant online system, ePACT's cloud-based system replaces paper medical forms, waivers, and consents for families attending rec programs, improving the ability for staff to collect, manage, and access critical information needed to support and communicate with families in a crisis. ePACT is also the exclusive emergency network provider for the National Recreation & Park Association (NRPA). Learn More


SkyLogix provides Remote Control and Monitoring Solutions using existing public wireless infrastructures throughout the World. Using public networks reduces the need and cost of specialized communications equipment. SkyLogix implements state-of-the-art control equipment that provides switching capabilities to just about any type of electronic or electrical equipment.

Electronic Payment Partners


CardConnect, a First Data Company, is a leading provider of payment processing and technology solutions, helping more than 195,000 organizations accept billions of dollars in card transactions each year. Since its inception in 2006, CardConnect has developed an advanced payments platform backed by patented, PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization that can now be integrated into your VSI software to create a single source solution!


Click here to learn more about the VSI & CardConnect partnership.

Click here for information on CardConnect PCI compliance



VSI has certified its ERI (External Redirect Interface) with Verifone's PAYware Transact, PAYware PC, PAYware Connect, and PCCharge payment software applications, each of which maintains its' own database of transactions processed via IP. The Verifone gateways are certified for most payment processors.


Click here for information on Verifone PCI compliance

Hardware Partners

BlueStar, Inc.

Blue Star provides VSI with many POS hardware products and is the fastest growing distributor of POS (Point-of-Sale) and AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection) products with offices throughout the U.S.A., Latin America, and Canada. BlueStar is committed to working exclusively with Value Added Reseller (VAR) partners to help deliver the finest point of sale and warehousing hardware and software solutions in the world.

ID Edge, INC.

ID Edge has been in the identification industry since 1985. With the many advances in technology over the years, their industry is constantly changing. They strive to stay on the leading edge of technology, so they can offer the best solutions to their customers. Currently, they offer a wide range of products and services, including blank and pre-printed PVC cards, gift cards, PVC card printers and printer supplies, digital and film cameras, film, ID software, laminating pouches, laminators, die cutters, slot punches, and numerous badging accessories.

Star Micronics

As One of the world's largest POS providers, Star Micronics has designated a portfolio of painting, secure cash management, and customer engagement solutions for any retail or hospitality establishment. Star's complimentary SDKs allow their printers to work in tandem with AndroidTM, and iOS iPad® and iPhone® devices to generate receipts for all their printers. Always leading, and always innovating, Star Micronics enables web-based printing solutions including remote cloud printing, wireless cash drawer solutions, proximity-based printing, and more.

Gill ID Systems

Gill ID Systems has been in the identification business since 1979. The company offers a full range of products, such as digital cameras, photo ID card printers, supplies, preprinted key fobs and gift cards, film based products, laminates, badge holders, and more.

Touch Dynamic

Touch Dynamic offers both high quality POS small footprint hardware and excellent customer service at very competitive prices. Products include the All-in-One Breeze Performance touch screen computers, touch monitors, and the small, yet powerful Saturn PC. The Saturn can be configured with touch or non-touch screen monitors. All units support a full range of POS peripherals.

Pioneer POS Solution Inc.

Pioneer POS all-in-one touchscreen computers are a perfect fit for space-constrained applications such as pro shops, snack bars, restaurants, and equipment rental sites. The Pioneer POS touch system is also network ready, thus allowing easy integration and seamless access to your existing systems: as stand alone unit with a hard disk, or as disk-less workstation (running on its bootable flash disk) on the network. The same touch screen only can be configured with your computer.

Data Center Partners

Tech Vault and Iron Mountain

VSI has partnered with two premier data centers providing colocation services in the United States.  The data centers are geographically separated and provide reliable and expandable power, cooling, and redundant network services, while adhering to all necessary data center security standards.  This allows VSI to supply the highest level of availability, security, and disaster restoration capabilities for its hosted services offerings within its private cloud.

Hardware Add-on Options

RecTrac integrates with a wide range of peripheral hardware.  From cash drawers and touch screens to card readers and mobile devices.