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Executive Leadership

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Executive Leadership

Meet the leadership team at VSI:

Robert Willey, Chairman

Bob assists all team members in ensuring that VSI fulfills its obligations to provide high quality software and support services and to ensure that our products are successfully implemented. He has over 60 years’ experience in the computer and application software business.


Giles Willey, President

Giles is involved in most aspects of VSI operations.  Giles developed the first release of our premier products, RecTrac and GolfTrac, and continues to be involved with the on-going development of both applications and the full family of Vermont Systems applications. He has 34 years’ experience in software design and development. As President, Giles is a major principal of VSI, and is a fully authorized corporate signer of any documents on behalf of VSI.


Barry Pius, Chief Operating Officer

As our COO, Barry is responsible for customer operations and services at VSI including software and hardware support, product implementation, knowledgebase solutions and project management.  Barry has 30 years of leadership experience in the hospitality and recreation industries.

Barry Pius

Jon Winer, Chief Technology Officer

Jon brings over 20 years of leadership experience in the IT, Development and eCommerce industries. Jon is responsible for Development, Quality Assurance, Hosting, IT and Product Management in support of delivering VSI products and services.


Jon Winer

John Willey, VP of Sales

John is responsible for the sale and marketing of VSI products, as well as assisting with the research of other products for integration with our application software. John has 24 years’ sales experience with VSI.  John is a VSI principal and an authorized signer of VSI proposals and agreements.


Kate Mitchell, VP of Admin & Human Resources

Kate is responsible for all administrative and human resource functions.  Kate has 30 years’ experience with VSI and is a VSI principal.  She is a fully authorized corporate signer of VSI contracts and other legal documents.

Our focus is always on our clients.

Management Team

Meet the managers of the VSI team:

Cullen Barber

Director of Customer Support Services

Cullen is responsible for ongoing customer support services and education/training at Vermont Systems. Cullen has been providing excellent on-site and telephone support for VSI customers since 1993.

Laurie Valley

Director of Client Services

Laurie is responsible for assuring that all VSI customers’ needs are being addressed on a continual basis. This includes prompt telephone response, software upgrades, surveying customer requirements, and scheduling installations and training. Laurie has over 30 years’ experience with VSI.

Travis Barber

Director of Military Support Services

Travis is responsible for all aspects of VSI's military customer support services. Travis has been providing excellent on-site and telephone support for VSI customers since 1994.

Tom Valley

Director of Municipal Support Services

Tom is responsible for all aspects of Municipal customer support services at VSI. Tom has been providing excellent on-site and telephone support for VSI customers since 1994.

Patrick Hayden

Director of Product Management

Patrick is responsible for developing a cohesive product strategy including functional software capabilities, prioritizing enhancements, and new product initiatives. Patrick has provided expert support and product management since 2003.

Joe Bourassa

Director of Quality Assurance & Documentation

Joe is responsible for ensuring that all application software functions perform satisfactorily prior to release to VSI customers. Joe has been with VSI in customer support and quality assurance roles since 1996.

Andrew Bose

Director of Development

Andrew is responsible for software development at VSI. He has been a primary RecTrac developer as well as the coordinator of all other VSI application software development. Andrew has been with VSI in customer support & development roles since 1999.

Chris Tallman

Director of Hosting & IT

Chris is responsible for 24/7/365 customer hosting support services that include managing the VSI Eastern & Western data center operations. Chris has been providing customer support and managing the hosting services team since 2007.

Jessica Damon

Director of Finance

 Jessica is responsible for managing the financial strategy of VSI including accounting, budgeting, and financial planning. Jessica has a CPA, 8 years of accounting experience, and has been with VSI since 2016.

VSI Staff

VSI Team Photo


The VSI team has grown to over 104 dedicated professionals with over 900 years combined experience providing recreation software solutions.