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  • News Date: (09/15/2014) 1). New Customers ......VSI Welcomes... City of New Orleans, LA (September 2014) City of Lake Forest, IL (September 2014) City of Deerfield Beach, FL (September 2014) Rye Parks & Recreation, NH (July 2014) City of Glenda...... Updated: (09/15/2014)   Created: (09/15/2014)
  • News Date: (09/08/2014) 2). Congrats Bruce G.: 20yrs at VSI ......Twenty years ago Bruce Gepfert decided a complete career change was in order, so he joined the VSI family to create MainTrac. Bruce had little programming experience at that time, but he learned quick...... Updated: (09/08/2014)   Created: (09/08/2014)

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Release Levels

  • Active Releases
  • RecTrac10.3x09/03/2014
  • MainTrac10.2g09/20/2013
  • FinTrac10.3d12/06/2013
  • Mature Releases
  • RecTrac10.2t12/13/2011
  • MainTrac10.1d06/19/2009
  • FinTrac10.2j12/12/2012
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